Warwick Hall Fishing: Information on Fishing in Cumbria

Private Instruction at Warwick Hall

Glyn Freeman and Clive Mitchelhill are a fisherman's best friends. Both are members of the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors (AAPGAI) and have been fishing the river for years. Whatever you feel you need, they'll be able to help.

Fly Fishing Workshops:

Beginners: Fly fishing on a good fast river is one of life's great pleasures. And believe it or not, it can be a real workout. If you've thought about giving it a try, come along to a Warwick Hall Fly Fishing Workshop and find out why so many people love the sport. You'll go home ready to join in the next time you're invited to fish with a friend.

Improvers: Why not give yourself a chance to learn to cast like an expert? It's such a satisfaction when your line whistles out across the river to where the fish are. Clive and Glyn, can teach you their secrets while they sort out what might be keeping you from getting it right on the river. They will concentrate on the basics of successful casting while they work with you to understand the river better.

Experienced: The Warwick Hall Fly Fishing Workshop focuses on fine tuning your technique to fish as well as you know you should. One of the expert instructors, will analyse your cast, looking for specific problems with your stretch, balance and coordination. They will also offer advanced tuition on river knowledge.

You can contact them directly, or we can arrange it for you. Have a look at their websites to see the full range of the services they offer - we can recommend them for impressive expertise and their ability to provide a great fishing experience for anyone lucky enough to have their help.

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